As working individuals, the number of hours spent at the office affects both our personal and professional lives. Therefore, it is clearly worthwhile to make work-life a healthy life. By improving the quality of our time at work, we benefit our bodies and minds in astonishing ways. We at Grow Through Mindfulness have created a Menu of Seminars for your corporation to consider. Studies show that by bringing the opportunities listed below into the workplace one may improve focus, lower anxiety, and increase overall productivity.


Introduce your team to the simple yet important possibilities that come with practicing mindfulness. This seminar includes the usefulness of meditation, the brain science behind mindfulness, and the importance of utilizing a mindful outlook in the workplace. Mindfulness 101 is a vital beginner’s seminar for corporations looking to introduce mindfulness to their team.


Mondays are stressful. Statistically, most workplace heart attacks occur at this time. Switching from the weekend to a busy work day can seem an almost insurmountable task. In Mindful Mondays participants will learn how to move from a place of fear to a place of intention, utilize the senses to produce productive feelings, and practices to embody peace that leads to focus.


Success is determined not only by how much you work for it but by how well you can dream it. This seminar will highlight the role of imagination and visualization in creating a successful future. The exercises learned will go a long way in work environments, and open pathways to out-of-the-box solutions both inside and outside of the workplace.


It is when the stakes are high that the most effective work is produced. However, the risk of failure in these moments often cultivates anxiety and fear. By utilizing meditation and thought, Calming Performance Anxiety teaches participants how to release attachment to perfection in these times of turmoil.


For most professionals, the airplane becomes an extension of the workplace. Doing last-minute work in the air often leads to stress that is counter-productive for both the company and the individual. Our Airplane Awareness techniques create a space to relax, reflect and recharge while in flight. With this seminar, you will land safely and ready for successful possibilities.


Conflicts are a natural part of any organization. Our tendency to avoid conflict and/or mindlessly fuel it is counterproductive. Learning to identify, understand, and view conflict as both an observer and participant is an innovative mindful technique that enables a creative approach to conflict resolution.


The body and the mind are deeply interconnected. We must feed our body healthy food in order to expect our minds to operate in a healthy manner. This seminar discusses eating habits and regimens that support a healthy state of mind to create efficiency and success both inside and outside of the workplace.


Group projects can quickly backfire when not supported in a way that promotes meaningful teamwork and deep collaboration. A Mindful team works as one even as it makes room for many opinions within a climate that promotes acceptance, patience and focus. This seminar helps participants explore ways to integrate multiple intelligences while establishing a shared group identity.

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