About Us

Our Mission

Changing the world outside by changing the world within.

We value raising awareness and improving life by facilitating mindfulness and encouraging a commitment to live life mindfully, moment-by-moment, with a unique awareness and an open curiosity to all that is and all that can be. 


We achieve our mission by teaching with integrity, compassion and love through teachers who are committed to living intentionally and mindfully, by nurturing personal and mutually beneficial relationships with community partners, and with the cherished support of friends and contributors.

Who We Are

WE ARE a group of passionate, hard-working members dedicated to the mission of bringing about change in the world. We believe that the practice of mindfulness propels positive societal change through compassion.  Our teachers are themselves committed to living mindfully and intentionally. We support them with one-on-one mentoring, continuing education and training sessions at Full Bloomed Lotus Center for Self-Awareness in Wilmette, IL.

Where We Work

Our motto is “Mindfulness wherever It takes us!” We see a great need to help others explore the world within. We work in elementary and secondary schools in the Chicagoland Area. We work with partners in already thriving non-profit organizations. We teach at workplaces. We offer mindfulness for healthcare. And are capable and ready to work with your community. 


We believe nurturing a mindful life creates deep awareness and compassion. There is an avalanche of excellent research by leading academic institutions that corroborates this belief! We believe creating a mindful life leads to a mindful community and requires the personal, skilled and compassionate presence of a seasoned mindfulness instructor.  

What We Do

We have created our own unique program based in part on the curriculum offered by Mindful Schools (mindfulschools.org). We continually build upon it by drawing on leading research and best practices in the fields of mindfulness, social emotional learning, cognitive neuroscience, psychology and mental health to make our programs effective and current. 

We participate in mindfulness research projects and gather feedback from partners and clients to offer current and regularly upgraded practices in the programming we deliver. 

We strive to have every person who comes into contact with a GTM team member have a positive and beneficial growth experience. 

How We Do It

Mindfulness is the cultivation of an attitude. 

It is not a TO-DO list, rather a TO-BE list.


To be OPEN.


Mindfulness can be learned, practiced and taught. There are simple and practical exercises and helpful ways to facilitate the changing of thought patterns that have been scientifically proven to create a treasure trove of benefits.  


We recruit professionals who are highly trained in mindfulness practices, have varied skills and much life experience. We provide them specialized training and certify them as EMbodied Grow Through Mindfulness Facilitators. We invest in their continued development and training in mindfulness practices. We choose only individuals who live mindfully themselves and have demonstrated a personal commitment to a long-term mindfulness practice. All our teachers are long-term students at our founder’s Center for Self-Awareness, Full Bloomed Lotus, Inc. in Wilmette, IL. We are beyond confident in our teachers’ abilities. They all have been certified in the Mindful Schools curriculum, and as a team hold many more advanced degrees in mindfulness and other varied disciplines. You can check us out on our Team page.

We teach how to cultivate FOCUS through practices that bring one's attention to the present moment, like listening to the mindfulness bell until it can no longer be heard. Taking the focus away from past-future thoughts, regrets and worries keeps us from losing energy and health.  We explain why and how by using science, research and brain biology. 

We teach how to OBSERVE your life from a different perspective by depersonalizing unpleasant thoughts and feelings, even physical sensations, and seeing them as fleeting. This is the first step.


And we teach all this in COMMUNITY. Getting people in a group talking about how they did with what they learned helps them grow. Grow Through Mindfulness in fact. And feel the support of community. 


And lastly WHY do we do this? It’s all about our MISSION. Changing the world outside by changing the world within.


Mindfulness leads to ENGAGEMENT. When we start to see, and care, and recognize and change our own patterns, and address our own stress, we naturally get excited about it and want to help others. That’s why at the end of our lessons we encourage becoming involved in community service to bring about the change you want to see in the world. Also, we understand that true happiness is not an individual matter, in the words of the Mindfulness Master Thich Nhat Hanh. As we share the joy, our own joy and well-being is enhanced. 

We offer our unique Educate-Embody-Engage approach. To learn more click here.

Our Team

Please can read more about our amazing team here.


Mindfulness has helped me because when my brother made me mad I took a belly breath and it made me brave and calm down.