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Changing the world outside by changing the world within.

Grow Through Mindfulness (GTM)

EDUCATE – A science-based curriculum that addresses life’s everyday stressors creating pro-social, goal-directed behaviors, that include an increased ability to focus and self-regulate, growing happier and healthier communities. 

EMBODY – Trained facilitators who live and practice mindfulness and have studied with experts in the field, teach in-person and embody a mindful presence that has developed over time.

ENGAGE – Mindfulness as an innovative approach to societal change. Nurturing the world within leads to a desire to help others. We offer ways to volunteer.

Educate Embody Engage


We partner with other non-profits and community outreach programs in the Chicagoland area. By nurturing personal and beneficial relationships with our community partners we achieve our goal of promoting mindfulness as an innovative approach to societal change through positive social engagement. 


We bring conscious communication and conscious conflict resolution into corporations. Is there an event at your workplace that we can lead? Can we plan activities to introduce your community to mindfulness, meditation and conscious action?

Together we will customize a program just for you.



Bringing Meditation, Reiki and Mindfulness to your healthcare community to assist both service providers and patients with various mind-body practices that support healing and relaxation. 

Consious Classrooms


We partner with school communities in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Our goal is to nurture a mindful school community where children can grow and thrive.

Mindfulness wherever it takes us! We are realizing our vision to work with partners in already thriving communities and organizations.

We have reached over

3,000 children

300 teaching staff

500 parents

and counting…

We are engaged in varying levels with a number of non-profits.

90% of teachers responded that they continue to use what they learned from us in class and they have developed a practice at home for themselves in our longest-term school.

We welcome your donations. Help us make a happier, healthier world.

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